With more than 20 years in the lake management industry, Terracare Associates-TCA has the expertise to maximize the aesthetic value of your lakes and water features.

Our experienced staff, including an aquatic biologist, can provide complete maintenance and renovation services.

Water Quality Maintenance – We provide expert analysis of existing water quality conditions in your lake or pond and develop specific recommendations to maintain and improve the water quality in your aquatic system.

Vegetation and Algae Control – We develop a lake maintenance program that integrates physical, mechanical and chemical control methods to balance plant and algae populations in aquatic systems. Site specific use of herbicides and algaecides are used as a management tool for the control of nuisance aquatic plant and algae species.

Mechanical Systems Maintenance – Fountain and aeration system maintenance will improve lake aesthetics, water movement and oxygen deficiency concerns.

Aquatic Harvesting – Aquatic weed control utilizing aquatic plant harvesters are used to cut and remove aquatic weed growth from lakes and other waterways.

Lake Plan Development – Consulting and drafting of lake management plans with experience in the development, construction and maintenance of lake systems.

Lake Construction – TCA can also provide lake construction services including excavation, liner installation, bulkhead wall repairs, aeration systems install and aquatic vegetation planting.

Our Expert Stuart Perry – Aquatic Service Manager

Stuart Perry has over 30 years of experience in research and specialized aquatic vegetation control programs. Prior to joining TCA, Perry performed extensive aquatic research at the university level and gained additional experience by owning and operating a lake management firm for 15 years. He has led the aquatic maintenance group for over seven years with TCA. Stuart specializes in developing site specific lake management plans, water quality monitoring, and compliance and control programs. Perry is an expert in the industry for best management practices and has a reputation for providing exemplary customer service.