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We take clients goals and select the right team to leverage knowledge and resources to best service every job. Our leadership group with years of industry experience is dedicated to empowering teams to make your customer experience exceptional.

Justin Stewert

Regional Vice President

The municipal and infrastructure team is led by Justin Stewart. Justin attended Rutgers University studying horticulture and has been at TCA for 25+ years. Justin Stewart’s team manages almost twenty major infrastructure projects including serving as the public works department for the City of Lone Tree, CO and the City of Centennial. He also leads major toll-road and highway authority road maintenance projects, some of the most successful public private partnerships in the country. His attention to detail and focused management style has allowed the division success through securing multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts.

David Mortensen

Director of Sales

David Mortensen is the Regional Vice President of Colorado for Terracare Associates. David comes to TCA with twenty years of experience at CH2M, with his most recent position as Regional Director of Operations – Public Infrastructure. He has a unique blend of background and experience ranging from managing corporate finance and contract functions, to project delivery in a wide array of projects and clients around the world. He has successfully managed water and wastewater utility, started up four (4) newly incorporated cities, managed business aspects of the reconstruction of Public Works and Water infrastructure in Baghdad, Iraq and directed operations in Southern Afghanistan providing all logistics and life support services for U.S. and NATO troops. David earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and is a Certified Management Accountant.

Bill Winfield

Branch Manager

Bill Winfield has a long record of successful projects dating back to 1999. He was the project manager lead on public private partnership contract and continues to execute the partnership with the City of Centennial and CH2MHill, the largest of its kind in the country. In addition to the 23 infrastructure contracts and projects, Winfield supervises multi-million dollar operations of the public works department.

Matt Rogers

Municipal Region Manager

Matt Rogers is one of TCA’s most seasoned Branch/Project Managers. He brings a wealth of municipal experience with him. Matt operated the City of Milpitas, Livermore, and Pleasanton contracts for several years prior to becoming the Municipal Region Manager. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in finding efficiencies and providing sustainable landscape and irrigation solutions for large-scale municipalities.