Terracare Associates-TCA partners with customers to protect our earth’s most precious resources.

Landscape irrigation accounts for the use of more than 7 billion gallons of water daily. We believe water is a precious commodity and encourage our clients to evaluate water savings. Water conservation and clean water runoff is beyond a practice, it’s a responsibility.

We believe that as industry leaders we must walk the talk and practice water conservation and protection every day. As a company, we have committed to this since 1985. Our approach incorporates the latest water conservation technologies and established industry guidelines to identify problem areas within a customer’s irrigation and landscape systems. We also look for opportunities to improve erosion control, storm water runoff and aquatic management. We recommend system efficiency improvements to reduce water usage and protect our streams and lakes from contaminates.

Water Management Planning – We can help you create a water management plan, installations and maintenance to provide a strategy for conserving precious water and reducing costs. TCA’s customers have saved thousands of dollars through a commitment and partnership to manage water usage and implement best practices in water management.

Technology and Certified – Our trained and certified irrigation technicians will evaluate your irrigation system, recommend improvements and install changes to maximize system efficiency and reduce landscape water use. Changes can range from installing a “smart controller”, converting overhead spray heads to a drip system and changing out other sprinkler equipment. In some cases we can save 30% or more of your water use in an average year.

Start your landscape water management plan today!


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