Terracare Associates-TCA is the outdoor maintenance company that you can count on delivering superior and reliable service for the best value possible.

For more than 30 years, TCA has adhered to the highest standards in the industry for customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Program
Our project managers, account managers, foremen and upper management will conduct quality control audits. We will then generate any necessary work orders to make repairs in our work-order-management system and complete the necessary corrections.

Best Value and Superior Service Quality 
Creating a personalized touch with collective resources allows our teams to best service our clients. We understand everyone is on a budget and we are committed to maximizing quality while spending your money wisely. Our teams are always sensitive to your budget needs and our customizable maintenance contracts allow customers the flexibility to adapt to changing budgets.

Our account and project managers are the eyes and ears of the property and are trained to provide reliable and responsive communication on a continual basis. Whether you need tailored reporting on a weekly or monthly basis, or quarterly site walkthroughs, TCA will provide you with email, text, or radio access 24/7. In addition, all of our account managers and foremen speak English as a first language, so correspondence is simple and clear.

Customer Service
We know reliable and punctual communication is of the utmost importance. We have set internal goals and incentives to ensure prompt response times, as well as dependable and consistent communication.

Our team members are certified, experienced, dedicated and professional.

Safety is about people. Keeping employees safe every day is priority number one for us. Extensive safety training before working in the field and mandatory weekly meetings to review specific safety practices are standard.
Responsibility/Sustainability: Good Stewards of our Communities.
Being responsible to the environment and our community is part of our core values. We have LEED certified specialist on staff, and we strive to be good corporate citizens every day and on every job.