City of Centennial

This is the largest public private partnership (P3) of its kind in the United States. The City of Centennial, Colorado is one of the few “Contract Cities” and is intended to collaborate with the private sector to share the risks and rewards involved in the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure projects. Terracare Associates helped the City of Centennial transition from County provided public works services in 2008 and has been providing comprehensive public works services for the City since that time. In 2017, after successfully serving nine years as the City’s public works field services contractor, Centennial’s city council voted to extend its contract and TCA will continue to provide public works services for the next decade. The partnership with CH2M and the city has garnered numerous awards, including being the first-ever agency accredited by the American Public Works Association (APWA) operated under a public-private partnership; 2010 National Council for Public-Private Partnerships Service Award; 2009 American Public Works Association-Colorado Chapter Innovative Customer Service Call Center Award; 2010 APWA Innovative Customer Service Call Center Award; and 2011 APWA-Colorado Maintenance-Operation for Energy Award. City services include roadway repairs, snow removal, street sweeping, roadway maintenance and sign maintenance.