Las Colinas Corporate I & II Landscape Project

Irving, Texas

Las Colinas Corporate I & II is set on more than seven acres that supports close to 450 employees.  When the current landscape maintenance contractor began servicing the property, the Las Colinas’ new property manager was disappointed with the upkeep and curb appeal of the previous property manager’s style and the lack of ongoing maintenance.  The building management company was concerned that occupancy rates might fall due to the marginal upkeep.  The building needed to attract and retain more tenants.  The new management reached out to the landscape maintenance company with high expectations for maintenance and enhancement work, but they had a limited budget.  The landscape contractor worked closely with the property manager to design a phased plan to meet the budget constraints and exceed the property management company’s expectations.  In addition, the front entrance courtyard was of particular interest to the management team to add a focal point to the entrance of the corporate complex.