3 Reasons Enhancements Improve Your Property

A commercial property, municipal park, or other landscaped areas need ongoing improvements, but it is not always easy to justify the expense. When evaluating your landscape enhancement needs you may be looking at projects such as:

  • Adding a bed of perennial flowers near a parking lot
  • Sprucing up an entrance with trees for shade and protection
  • Installing a state-of-the-art water efficient sprinkler system to save money
  • Creating a patio area for visitors to use and beautify the area


You likely realize enhancement projects add to your property’s curb appeal, but do you know how else they can help your property? Here are a few ways.


Reduce water costs

Think long-term when it comes to your property’s landscape. Enhancements can reduce your water costs and usage. A few examples of enhancements that can help cut water use:

  1. Upgrade to new water-efficient smart controllers for your water system will cut water usage and costs.
  2. Invest in turf conversion in areas that grass is not used for recreation or relaxation.
  3. Install drought-resistant plants and grasses can help reduce water usage and overall maintenance.


Increase desirability of property

Think about the last time you were on a property that was appealing and comfortable. Now think about what landscape features that property exhibited. Was it a nice water feature or vibrant flower bed? Any of these enhancements can often conjure positive feedback and attraction for visitors and employees who are on the property. It increases the property’s desirability and has proven to help raise occupancy rates or visitors, increase overall value of the property, and most importantly, those living or working in the area, have an increased desire to stay.


Protects existing landscape investments

You’ve already invested time, manpower, and money into developing and maintaining your property. Now is a good time to consider protecting these landscape assets with enhancements. Examples of enhancements that will help protect and maintain your landscape:

-Drainage: Ensure plants and trees have adequate drainage and excess water is flowing into the correct areas.

-Mulch: Mulch can reduce evaporation from soil, stabilize soil moisture, and more.

-Arbor services: You’ve invested in trees. Now make certain those trees thrive through pruning and proper fertilization.


Interested in learning more about how enhancements can improve your property? Reach out to Terracare Associates and we’ll happily answer your questions and work with you to identify which enhancements are best for your property.


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