3 Ways to Grow Teamwork

Does teamwork increase productivityIMG_1333 and service quality? Professional teamwork can be defined as a group of employees whose members work together on a common goal using their positive synergy, individual and mutual accountability, and complementary skills.

Some companies force teamwork to improve production, but real teamwork is organic. The most productive teams are those that empower employees, build ownership in their actions and clearly communicate and understand outcomes. They simply create an environment to grow teamwork.

Dean Murphy, President at Terracare Associates, a leading outdoor maintenance company headquartered in Littleton Colorado says, “Teamwork is about values, we like to use the word team member rather than employee because we are together in this; all of our work is a result of a shared effort.” Traditional teams that have worked and trained together gain important experience that creates a valuable resource for the company and customer.

Creating Exceptional Teams

Exceptional teams have just enough structure to balance individual expertise with cooperation and engagement to collectively work toward a common purpose. Terracare Associates knows exceptional teamwork must be part of everyday operations. Bill Horn, Vice President with Terracare Associates, California branch believes productive teamwork depends on consistent team performance.

“Teamwork just doesn’t happen at a company. We strive for high-quality service each day and mobilize our teams to meet and exceed service levels. It’s about empowering employees, integrity and utilizing critical resources. And most importantly, knowing everyone is working for the best interest of our clients,” says Horn.

Teamwork productivity begins with three basic components.


grow teamworkEffective listening, asking good questions and anticipating next steps is all part of good communication within a team. Horn says, “Communication is one of our strengths as a company. Our teams meet daily on safety and project goals.”


Teams strengths and productivity stems from the depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise within a company. Pulling resources within Terracare Associates walls is easier because many employees have 10 or more years with landscape, public infrastructure, and public-private partnerships. This collective knowledge creates a synergy and an inherent interest in finding best solutions for customers and better yet, anticipates problems before they happen.

Building Relationships

Teamwork is all about relationships. Horn believes companies can’t have productive teams and grow teamwork without a commitment to cultivating relationships. “Working with people is at the core of our business. We work at growing long-term relationships with our clients, employees, vendors and our community.”

Teamwork is a value. A team works at its best when it communicates effectively, combines resources and cultivates relationships. Murphy says, “Every individual at our organization contributes to the success of delivering high-quality work because together we are more, it’s a team.”

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