Commercial Landscape Spring Checklist

Spring is in the air! The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping and flowers are beginning to poke out of the dirt. This is the perfect time to get your commercial landscape property in pristine condition for the upcoming year. We all want a beautiful commercial property; here are a few suggestions for a successful spring season.

Cleanup and Prep:

With the freshness of spring comes plenty of cleanup from the season before. This cleanup is an important first step to restore your commercial property to its former glory. Some keys areas for our Terracare landscape expert to focus on;

  • Cleaning up debris
  • Raking up leftover leaves, sticks or pine needles
  • Trimming back perennials and grasses
  • Removing excess mulch and leaf scraps from the base of your plants
  • Checking any metal edging to make sure that it is hasn’t heaved over the winter.

Lawn Prep and Maintenance:

Having a well-manicured, green yard is something that will increase the overall appearance of a property and have a lasting impact on the amount traffic and business your company attracts. Lawn preparation is a vital step for any commercial property. We recommend aeration which is poking small holes in the lawn so water and fertilizer can reach the roots effectively. Terracare recommends the application of both quality fertilizer and a product for pre- emergent weed control. These applications are very helpful in preventing weeds and boosting your plant’s nutrients.

IrrigationIrrigation System Startup:

Another crucial step when getting your commercial landscape property in order for the upcoming season is the proper preparation of your irrigation system. This process ranges from ensuring that the water pressure is correct to replacing damaged parts and even to checking that the ground is unfrozen. It may seem lengthy and challenging, however all of these steps are important to avoid future unnecessary costs.
For springtime irrigation steps, take a look at our article here:
Irrigation Steps.

Spring Planting:

Spring is also a great time for your commercial landscape property to set itself apart from the rest. A great way to do this and also attract more visitors is by adding color to your property. Studies show a beautiful commercial landscape can raise your property value and attractiveness by as much as 20%. To do this Terracare recommends adding perennials, because they will return year after year. To learn more about five perennials that can really make your property stand out click here:
Perennial Choices.

What’s Next?

These steps can be challenging and overwhelming for any commercial property owner. This is where Terracare Associates comes in. Our trained and certified professionals are here to help you achieve the commercial landscape property that you have always dreamed of. Click below to set up a meeting:

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