Companies scramble as feds freeze visas for employees

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security abruptly stopped issuing temporary worker visas under its H-2B program. At Terracare Associates, these employees are a crucial part of our team and community. We greatly value these employees.  Our President, Dean Murphy, spoke directly with The Denver Post on the subject of employment and the H-2B program.

“‘We are really in a spot. Do our guys go from working eight hours to 12 hours a day?’ asked Dean Murphy, president of Terracare Associates, a landscaping firm based in Arapahoe County. Terracare had applied for about 50 visas to use in Colorado and another 100 in Texas to help meet demand from more than 1,000 clients during the peak season of mowing lawns and maintaining irrigation systems.”

Read Dean’s full interview with The Denver Post here.

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