Cities and Municipalities Prepare for Winter Storms

Snow plow winter storms

Winter storms can be a challenge for those drivers trying to maneuver the roads.  Municipal public works departments are preparing for the storms 24/7 to ensure public safety.  

To be prepared for when a winter storm hits we suggest to residents and communities members:

  • Only drive when necessary.  During major snow and ice storms only drive when you absolutely have to.
  • Be cautious of snow plows. Don’t try to pass large plows or make quick moves around an active snow plow. That is how accidents happen!
  • Keep parked cars off the street.  This helps the snow plows be able to thoroughly clear the roads, and your car won’t be covered by snow that has been cleared from the street or commonly referred to as “snowed in”.

Take a look at how one of our municipal partners, Cottonwood Heights, Utah, prepares for major winter storms.

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