Terracare receives National Landscape Awards of Excellence

Terracare Associates, a leading outdoor maintenance company headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, announces it has been honored with three national industry awards.

Professional Landcare Network, Planet, awarded the National Landscape Awards of Excellence for three properties Terracare Associates maintains; Wind Crest- Retirement Community, TMA – I-25 South Corridor, and Arapahoe Lakes Homeowners Association. Planet is the largest professional association in the U.S. for landscape design, construction, and maintenance companies.

Wind Crest Retirement Community

landscape awards excellenceAccount Manager: Cindy Gioia & Team: Jose Rodriguez Iniguez, Enrique Molina Erasto Ojeda-Vazquez, Joel S Samano, Federico Sapien, Alfredo Solis,Rudy Sifuentes

Wind Crest is a high-end resort living retirement center, 55+ community with over 84 acres of property to maintain creating a relaxed and beautiful residential retreat for the aging. The location of the property sits upon a bluff overlooking the Rocky Mountains. The corporation’s intent is to create a landscape that is inclusionary of their residents, while maintaining the highest standard in integrated plant life.

This property provides gardens for congregating, open space, walk ways and horticultural therapy gardens for members of the community. Creating a safe environment for the residents is up most important which include snow removal and debris/trash removal. The landscape busts with native grass and cottonwoods while incorporating colors, drought tolerant turf and new installations. Plant Healthcare, aesthetics, and irrigation are of critical importance to the property manager and to the residents.

Transportation Management Association – South I-25 Urban Corridor

landscape awards excellence

Account Manager: Aimee Lacouture & Team: Juan A. Ramirez, Juan A. Ramirez Jr., Blas I. Hernandez, Jesus G. Silos

One of the most unique projects in a landscape management portfolio of work; South I-25 urban corridor Transportation Management Association (TMA) is the management agency supporting transportation solutions for one of the busiest highway corridors in the state of Colorado.

The public-private partnership agency (TMA) was challenged to create an open space environment at highly congested interchanges. The projected outcome for each interchanges’ landscape is to provide a common look and feel throughout the corridor and honoring specific interest of the 3 counties and 4 cities along the I-25 exchanges.

This landscape contractor projects include: maintaining and integrating new install with native growth, irrigation, highway debris and pollution clean-up resulting in a distinctive and welcoming Colorado appearance. A bonus to the project is to build an ecosystem of plantings, bird and insect life mirroring a park-like setting.

Arapahoe Lakes

landscape awards excellenceAccount Manager: Cindy Gioia & Team: Andrew Thomas, Guillermo Zabala, Rolando Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez, Adrian Lozano, Rudy Sifuentes 

Arapahoe Lakes is a community of 208 single family homes and 13 townhomes. The property has a three-acre lake, unusual for Colorado neighborhoods, swimming pool and four tennis courts.

The Home Owners Association and property managers are fiscally responsible while committing to high-quality landscape maintenance. As an established neighborhood in the region, the homeowners goal is to achieve an environmentally friendly neighborhood. Through a long-term partnership with the client, Terracare Associates assisted in developing a plan of phased improvements focused on environmentally friendly landscape care. This plan reduced water usage by 34% and more than $11,000 in 2013.

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