Partnering to Keep Road Safety a Priority


traffic560By Steve Bertasso – Operations Manager, Utah

Road safety starts with you.  Road maintenance companies go to great lengths to make sure the road is safe for you during construction.  Car and truck construction crashes are many times caused by auto drivers not paying attention or are too impatient to slow down.  Sharing the road with large vehicles can be dangerous if you are not aware of their limitations.

Many trucks are GPS tracked requiring truck and plow drivers to stay within in the speed limit and possibly slower during inclement weather.

As a company, Terracare Associates spends hours educating employees on how to work safer to prevent on the job accidents and to keep the public safe.   Every new team member, is given full safety training so they are up to “speed” on keeping safe on the roads (no pun intended).

Keeping employees and the public safe on roadways can be challenging because the worksite includes drivers that don’t see the inherent risks.

Here are a few guidelines for you to follow when driving around work zones or near trucks on the road:

  • Mind the Gap
    • How close should you follow behind a truck?  Some signs advise to stay back 200 feet to prevent damage. If you ride too close, the driver doesn’t even know you are there. A good rule to follow is keep one dashed lane marker between you and the truck for every 10 mph you are driving.
    • This distance will allow the driver to see you and will reduce damage to your vehicle by road debris.  Don’t pass trucks during inclement weather, patience pays off and reduces accidents. This is especially important when following a snowplow.
  • Mirror, Mirror
    • If you can’t see a driver’s mirrors, he probably can’t see you.  Always position your vehicle so you can see one or both side mirrors and avoid blind spots when possible.


  • Mobile Disasters
    • Trucks entering and exiting works zones can create unexpected changes in traffic patterns. Taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds to check your phone can spell disaster. Put the phone away or pull over to take care of business when it can’t wait.


  • Marked for Success
    • Work zones are marked to protect you and the road construction project workers.  Fresh tar, asphalt or paint can damage your paint job or cause your tires to wear prematurely. Pay attention to signs and seek alternate routes when possible.


Safety is most readily achieved when everyone on the job understands the rules for a safe work zone.  Terracare believes safety is for your family.

About Terracare Associates -TCA 

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