Team Spotlight: Terracare Success is Teamwork

Steve, Lalo and Larenzo

Steve Valdez, Lorenzo Acosta, Lalo Chavez and Mario Ramos in Colorado landscape operations at Terracare Associates -TCA are an example of how much more can be accomplished when people work together. Teamwork almost seems a cliché, but at TCA it is the essence of a productive operation. Each part of their operation is held up by the trust and hard work of the other. With a combined 60 years of experience between them, they are an invaluable asset to TCA. This dynamic quad is described by co-workers and supervisors as dedicated and dependable team members who can always be counted on to get the job done and to do it well.

“I am extremely lucky to be able to work with Lalo, Steve, Lorenzo and Mario. They bring a new level of professionalism and a get it done attitude unlike any I have ever seen,” said Nate Adams, Colorado landscape branch manager at TCA.

They not only do their jobs well, they have the expertise and problem solving skills to give our customers top-notch service every day. Each one of them shows up with a great attitude and a passion for their work that shines through in each job they complete.

“We make a great team because we are able to communicate openly with each other,” said Steve. “We’re able to take each other’s ideas and work as a team, use technology and adjust our practices to efficiently get services to our clients and support our field crews.”

MarioSteve, Lorenzo, Lalo and Mario make up the field leadership team in Colorado and are responsible for deploying field crews, prioritizing projects, making recommendations on maintenance improvements and handling all on-site emergencies. The field leadership team works closely with account managers, whose main responsibility is to communicate directly with the customers and review assignments with the team. Account managers have an open book policy with field leadership teams to ensure that they are comfortable making suggestions. This open line of communication is the key to excellent customer service.

In addition to ongoing meetings with account managers, the team has scheduled weekly meetings to evaluate property maintenance, site performance and discuss their successes and improvements. They pride themselves on communicating openly with their crews and supporting their work and recommendations to produce the best possible outcome for each client. This is what teamwork is all about.

This field leadership team in Colorado has been working together for more than three years and it shows.

“I’m glad we can play our part in making the company stronger and growing with it. It really is a great place to work,” said Steve.