The Benefits of Creating Outdoor Space on Your Commercial Property

Many property owners think improving their property’s landscape only adds aesthetic value, therefore many believe implementing new landscape projects won’t pay off.  In fact, maintaining and enhancing your property, not only adds value, it can add usefulness too.  However, creating functional outdoor space for employees can be a great investment to attract employees to the property. Research shows that spending the entire day indoors can have negative effects on mental and physical health, causing employees to be less productive and to feel dissatisfied in the workplace. Giving employees an outlet to escape the office and get some fresh air has countless benefits. Spending as little as 20 minutes a day outside can improve memory, reduce stress, encourage team building and improve social interaction. Companies that offer employees access to an outdoor space attract workers and support an employee-centric company culture, which can increase the employee retention rate and attract more applicants.

There’s a variety of ways to create an outdoor space for your company, no matter what type of property you have.

Rooftops or balconiesRooftop

For buildings located in urban areas with limited space, rooftop green spaces are a great option. If you install outlets and a Wi-Fi connection, employees can enjoy a nice change of scenery without straying too far from their desks.






If you have pre-existing green space on your property, building a patio is an easy way to give your employees a place to escape the office. It can be used as a place to re-charge while eating lunch, or a peaceful alternative to the conference room for meetings.







Walking trailsWalking trail

If your office building is on a large plot of land, creating a walking trail encourages exercise and team building. Employees can take a quick walk to get their creative juices flowing, or have business discussions that would have otherwise taken place over cubicle walls. As an added bonus, companies that encourage exercise as part of a wellness program often receive discounted rates on healthcare.





If you’re interesting in enhancing the outdoor space on your commercial property, Terracare Associates can help. Just check out our website to see the variety of services we offer to make your dream a reality.