Terracare is Rocklin Ready!

Located approximately 22 miles from Sacramento, is one of the fastest growing cities in California, Rocklin. The city has become a preferred location to live, work, visit, and grow a business, due to Rocklin’s convenient location, excellent schools and universities, and their abundant recreational opportunities.

The city desired a landscape partner that could grow alongside them and provide the community a pristine landscape. This year, Terracare was chosen to be this partner and is currently on the ground in Rocklin. It’s now Terracare’s responsibility to maintain over 4 million square feet of landscape, right of way maintenance and trash removal for the city’s parks and medians. Our great  work creates a beautiful and well-kept environment that gives residents a sense of pride in their community.

Terracare is currently serving the community each day and following through on our promise to the city and its residents. We are excited to collaborate with the City of Rocklin as we strive to build relationships, beautify grounds.

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