Top 3 Tips for Keeping Landscape Plants Healthy

The spring solstice is just around the corner. So many property managers are gearing up for the arrival of warmer weather, new planting, and new growth.

Follow three easy tips for keeping your landscape investment in beautiful shape for years to come.

1. Provide proper irrigation

Set plants up to grow and bloom during the spring and summer months by taking proper care of them during the winter. This means making sure trees and other plants receive the correct amount of water and fertilizer during this time period.

Depending on location, hydration will be easier as plants receive water from snow melt and rain. For instance, in the milder climates of California, property managers will need to make sure that landscapes are adequately irrigated year-round without relying on heavy snows or rains.

2. Pick the best location for your plants

Make sure the ideal growing climate agrees with where plants, shrubs, or trees will be planted. Will it have room to grow fully or will it need to be continually trimmed to remain the space it’s been planted? Consider how various microclimates will affect the plant’s health.

If the plant requires full sun to grow and flourish, then make sure it is set in a location that provides full sun all day. Furthermore, space plants out in a bed. If plants are crowded together they will compete for light, water, and nutrients and also creates excess humidity allowing diseases to thrive.

3. Maintain it

To allow the plant to grow naturally and fully, make sure that the plant receives adequate water, the appropriate amount and correct type of fertilizer is pruned and monitored for pests. It’s easier to maintain healthy plants by constantly checking them rather than trying to revive stressed and unhealthy ones.

Every property and landscape is different and requires separate maintenance. In addition to sticking to these tips, it’s recommended to partner with landscape professionals to assess the best approach and preservation for your property.

Remember that often the property’s landscape is the first point of contact for visitors, so make the best impression. A clean, beautiful landscape adds curb appeal making it easier to market and adds value to your property.

To learn more about how TCA can work with you to improve your property’s landscape, please contact us.

Quinton Guenther serves as an Enhancement Manager for Terracare Associates in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. He specializes in offering services outside Terracares base maintenance contract including but not limited to upgrade or enhancement creative ideas and water saving systems. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact us to find out how TCA can help you improve your plants’ health.

6 thoughts on “Top 3 Tips for Keeping Landscape Plants Healthy

  1. I really like your tip that you have to maintain your plants for them to stay healthy. I like to use plants that are local to the climate I live in so they take a little bit less care. If you can’t handle all the maintenance yourself it’s a good idea to get a landscape maintenance company to help you keep up with it all. Great tips!

  2. Maintaining your plants is the best thing you can do for your plants, as well as trees! That way, you can ensure they are always being taken care of. If you start to neglect them, they could die or get diseases that could spread to other plants or trees. That would just create a much larger problem for you!

  3. I really like your advice to provide proper irrigation. It really does make a difference to consider that kind of thing during the winter. It can be difficult to clean your landscape if you aren’t careful. During the winter, it is extra hard to maintain it. Do you have any advice for finding a professional landscaper to help you?

  4. I want to make sure that my landscape is taken care of this year. It makes sense that I would want to add more nutrients to my soil! That way my plants will survive the winter, as well as have more to thrive on when Spring comes around.

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