Creating a Community Friendly, LEED Certified Complex in Texas

How do you create a sustainable, welcoming outdoor environment meeting strict LEED certified specifications for both corporate employees and a community to enjoy together?


That’s where Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas found itself in 2010. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas moved their headquarters to the heart of Richardson, Texas, in the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area. As the 34-acre LEED Silver Certified complex was completed, the company sought to beautify the outdoor spaces, gardens, and trails that would embody the company’s mission of health and wellness for employees and the community while also ensuring the landscaping synced with LEED specifications.

Blue Cross Blue Shield TerraceBlue Cross Blue Shield Pathway








Tackling the Project

Terracare Associates – TCA has been a valuable partner to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas for 18 years providing extensive customized landscape maintenance within budget during long summer months of extreme heat while also complying with local water restrictions. TCA set to work, alongside the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas team, planning and developing ongoing maintenance plans for the property’s landscape, which included manicured flowerbeds, two acres of turf grass, three acres of wildflower beds, and 10 acres of natural grass fields. The landscaped area would require full maintenance services including full service land management, extensive mowing, plant healthcare, integrated pest management, irrigation services, tree and shrub pruning, enhancement and construction projects, and ongoing clean-up and repair. This was a massive project to both undertake and maintain, and that’s what TCA did.

Natural Grass at Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas Blue Cross Blue Shield Tree Walkway





Customized Solutions

TCA worked hard with the team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas to create a customized maintenance plan and procedures for the entire property, ranging from specific plans and timelines for the individual environments to property-wide systems. Plans and procedures included tailored maintenance outlines for each type of turf grasses, wildflower areas that were reseeded annually, and perennial beds that were monitored for pruning and growth. The TCA team also provided additional dedicated staff to sections of the property that required more attention. For instance, a dedicated irrigation project manager worked to manage and maintain the system – adjusting for environmental changes and plant requirements. TCA also provided ongoing consultation to ensure LEED requirements and documentation were completed and submitted appropriately to maintain LEED certification for the entire complex.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Walkway

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