A Sister Success Story!

When you picture the typical landscaper, who do you think of? If you are like most people you likely pictured a male. This is because in the landscaping industry, men have historically dominated the positions and have filled most of the roles. However, this norm is changing as more and more women begin to immerse themselves into the landscaping industry. As women join the industry, they are not only filling the positions, they are bringing creativity, insight and an invaluable perspective that has not been in the industry previously. At Terracare, we have been fortunate to have has two incredible sisters that are rising through the company and creating a massive impact as they do.

Sam Earleywine graduated with bachelor’s in biology from Wayne State University in 2012 and the following year began working with TCA as a Maintenance Foreman. Following that, she was promoted to Field Supervisor in 2018 and recently was promoted to an Area Manager in 2020. Sam has had experience managing some of Terracare’s largest projects including the City of Longmont and the Arapahoe County Parks and Recreation District. With Sam managing these projects, she and her crews transformed these projects into award winning properties. For an example, this past year, the parks at Arapahoe County Parks and Recreation District received accreditation from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and locally from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC).

And if that weren’t enough, Sam’s sister Aeriell Earleywine also attended Wayne State University as well as the University of Iowa and Front Range Community College. While attending school she also began interning at Terracare. During that time, she began contributing to the company and worked alongside some of our top managers gaining valuable insight from them. After graduating, Aeriell came back to Terracare and became a Foreman. Over the years, she has held various roles such as an Estimator, a Service Operations Manager and is now an Area Manager. Having this vast experience has made Aeriell a great asset to the Terracare Team.

The Branch Manager of our Colorado landscape team, Matt Pharis, could not be more thrilled to have the two Earleywine sister on his team, “I have had the opportunity to work with Sam and Aeriell for a relatively short amount of time, but in that time several things were apparent. It was clear to see their passion for the green industry, their incredible talent, and their desire to learn and grow. They always have positive attitudes and  words of encouragement for all crew members making them feel appreciated. In my 25 plus year career, I have not seen such raw talent. Sam and Aeriell are the future of our industry and it will be exciting to watch them shine and be difference makers here at Terracare.”

Terracare is beyond grateful to have these two sisters on our team and cannot wait to see what their futures hold as they continue their journey with Terracare!

Great weather, here is how to take advantage

We have been experiencing very interesting weather across the United States. In locations such as Colorado, there has been significantly less snow than normal. Take advantage of this weather, and getting in front of any issues that might have occurred to your roads or parking lot. Below are three crucial areas that should be addressed to help preserve the look and life of your pavement.

Sweeping and Cleaning

First impressions are important, when clients and customers are walking into your building; one feature that always stands out is the cleanliness. A clean parking lot can be a reflection of your organization and can directly shape the perception of your brand. On top of that, maintaining a clean parking lot can also minimize pollution, deter rodents or other pest and prevent erosion. To provide your clientele with a well-kept environment, schedule a routine cleaning including regular trash pickup, sweeping and power washing.

Crack Sealing Repairs

Early intervention is crucial in preserving your pavement and saving you money. When your pavement has a crack in it, moisture can seep down. This causes problems such as further cracking or widening in the pavement, potholes and potentially a major pavement failure. These problems can be very detrimental and extremely costly. We recommend crack sealing, which is the method of cleaning, drying with a heat lance and filling pavement with a hot melted rubberized material.

Pothole Repairs

A pothole occurs when your pavement has a structural failure in it. This can be caused by several issues such as water weakening the soil underneath your pavement, traffic applying pressure or stress from on top or a bad sub-surface. Eventually a breaking point will happen and this will cause the formation of a pothole in your pavement. This issue needs to be addressed quickly to prevent spreading, which will make the situation worse.  The best solution is to dig out the affected area, replace the road base, and then replace with hot mix asphalt.

What’s Next?

Does your parking lot or road require attention? Our experts at Terracare would be glad to help! Please click below and let us know how we may best serve your needs.


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Thank you for your business!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect and appreciate those that are important to us. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you, our clients. It is a pleasure to maintain your property and keep it in pristine condition. We are very thankful for you and your continued business with us. We look forward to many more years working alongside you and continuing to build our relationship with you.

Have a great break and enjoy the holiday!

Employee Spotlight: Sergio Atayde


Sergio Atayde has been working his way up with the San Jose TCA branch for the past two years. He is currently a production supervisor/field supervisor maintaining many properties throughout San Jose. He started working in the landscape industry over 20 years ago and has held multiple positions including an account manager and an IRR tech. Eva Sarracco, account manager at the San Jose branch, said, “he takes pride in his work and is always willing to go the extra mile; (he) understands the importance of prompt follow-up, attention to detail is a very good communicator and is very reliable.” This desire to go the extra mile can be seen in the way he supervises. Sergio always tries to set a good example for his crew, through his hard work, he empowers them to do their best. Sergio takes the extra steps to help others to succeed, this, in turn, leads to top-notch quality work by his crew. In his free time, he loves being with his family including his son and daughter. Thank you, Sergio, we appreciate all that you’ve done!!

The Autumn Landscape Checklist

Just in time for winter, autumn is an ideal time to prepare your landscape

Autumn months are optimal times for improving, preparing and caring for your landscape and property. Every region of the country experiences different winter weather so while property managers need to prepare accordingly to their region, there are a few tasks that are applicable to every landscape.

Mark Slicker, Business Development Manager in Dallas / Fort Worth, shared a few of these general tips for property managers:
  • Change out any summer seasonal color for winter seasonal color. Install a variety of flowers which will handle the winter months such as Pansy, Viola, Dianthus, Cabbage, Kale and Dusty Miller.
  • Prune. This is the time to prune trees and shrubs to minimize any possible damage which might occur during ice and snow storms. We recommend pruning magnolias, live oaks and wax myrtles.
  • Reshape trees. Conduct major re-shaping of shade trees (oaks, aspens, poplars, elms and birches) as needed after the first freeze when plants go dormant. This is a good time to remove dead or excess plant materials that stands out on bare limbs.
  • Install new plant material. Plant roots grow anytime the soil temperature are 40 degrees or higher – this is typical during the fall. Cooler temperatures and more moisture means newly sowed plants can focus on establishing heartier root systems.  If a root system is established in the fall, then when spring arrives, this expanded root system can support and take advantage of the full surge of spring growth. It also means it is more likely to survive during the summer heat.
  • Divide and replant perennials. The great part about perennials is once the plant is established and healthy, these plants can easily be divided and replanted in other areas of the property. Now is a good time to do this task. Perennial flowers such as iris, day lily, coneflower, coreopsis, and lavender are great examples.
  • Control weeds. Weeds are just like other plants in your landscape. They are saving the last bits of sunlight, water and nutrients to survive through the winter. Now is the time to apply weed killing compounds as the plant will take this with everything else it’s gathering to survive and transports it directly to the growing point of the plant.
  • Aerate. No matter the style of aeration, the fall is the best time to aerate the green spaces and grassy areas on your property. Aeration opens the soil and promotes a better environment for grass roots


Need help cleaning and preparing your property this fall? Contact us for a free assessment on how and where to best work with you to exceed your property’s needs.


How to Find the Best Commercial Landscape Contractor for You


The pressure to control costs, while maintaining the value and beauty of your property, is a constant balancing act for many commercial property managers. Maintaining the outside areas of your commercial property is much like maintaining curb appeal for your home. In a recent survey of Society of Real Estate Appraisers, 95 percent of the respondents said professional landscape maintenance adds dollar value and can improve attraction to tenants. The property’s overall landscape, well maintained turf areas, floral beds and trees are the first things a potential tenant will see when evaluating property options. Is your property making an impression?

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.05.07 PM

Think about this when you prepare your annual budgets or when you are vetting bids; your landscape should be a priority, not an afterthought. Consideration should be taken for a variety of landscape projects; curb appeal is important to attract tenants, while water-conservation efforts can reduce costs and meet mandated reductions. Significant landscape projects may be needed, so carefully review projects like turf conversion, enhancement projects, or irrigation repairs before you select your landscape contractor. As a property manager, where do you start in determining what landscape services you need, and what is important?


What a Commercial Landscaping Company Can do for Your Property

Commercial landscaping refers to the management and healthcare of the plants, flowers, turf mowing, trees and shrubs. It also includes necessary maintenance services such as irrigation inspection, storm management, plant health care and water conservation improvements. Because of the inherent differences between residential and commercial property, it is often recommended to seek a contractor that specializes in commercial and public landscape services. As a property manager, having a basic understanding of landscaping services may be critically important when you develop your annual budget. It is also very important when you compare landscapers, as not all provide the same breadth and depth of services.


Key Questions to Ask your Current or Potential Landscape Provider

We have developed a qualifier form to help to evaluate and select a landscape contractor. A sampling of questions are:

  • What size property can the landscape provider or contractor adequately service?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Does the contractor have the required liability insurance?
  • Are they licensed to apply pesticides and work irrigation systems?


Knowing what you want in a landscape contractor is essential, properly forecasting and budgeting for your needs is the key to a beautifully well-kept property. Terracare Associates – TCA offers a free service to help you assess your property for landscape services and get what you need.


Contact us for more information about how we can provide the kind of landscape maintenance services your property deserves.

Creating a Community Friendly, LEED Certified Complex in Texas

How do you create a sustainable, welcoming outdoor environment meeting strict LEED certified specifications for both corporate employees and a community to enjoy together?


That’s where Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas found itself in 2010. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas moved their headquarters to the heart of Richardson, Texas, in the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area. As the 34-acre LEED Silver Certified complex was completed, the company sought to beautify the outdoor spaces, gardens, and trails that would embody the company’s mission of health and wellness for employees and the community while also ensuring the landscaping synced with LEED specifications.

Blue Cross Blue Shield TerraceBlue Cross Blue Shield Pathway








Tackling the Project

Terracare Associates – TCA has been a valuable partner to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas for 18 years providing extensive customized landscape maintenance within budget during long summer months of extreme heat while also complying with local water restrictions. TCA set to work, alongside the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas team, planning and developing ongoing maintenance plans for the property’s landscape, which included manicured flowerbeds, two acres of turf grass, three acres of wildflower beds, and 10 acres of natural grass fields. The landscaped area would require full maintenance services including full service land management, extensive mowing, plant healthcare, integrated pest management, irrigation services, tree and shrub pruning, enhancement and construction projects, and ongoing clean-up and repair. This was a massive project to both undertake and maintain, and that’s what TCA did.

Natural Grass at Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas Blue Cross Blue Shield Tree Walkway





Customized Solutions

TCA worked hard with the team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas to create a customized maintenance plan and procedures for the entire property, ranging from specific plans and timelines for the individual environments to property-wide systems. Plans and procedures included tailored maintenance outlines for each type of turf grasses, wildflower areas that were reseeded annually, and perennial beds that were monitored for pruning and growth. The TCA team also provided additional dedicated staff to sections of the property that required more attention. For instance, a dedicated irrigation project manager worked to manage and maintain the system – adjusting for environmental changes and plant requirements. TCA also provided ongoing consultation to ensure LEED requirements and documentation were completed and submitted appropriately to maintain LEED certification for the entire complex.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Walkway

Can TCA help your community or city improve your landscape? TCA’s team would love to chat with you about how we can help. Why not consider sending TCA a request for proposal?

Reducing water usage in Napa Valley — A Case Study

With a state of California mandate to reduce water usage by 25 percent, many communities and homeowners association agree reducing water usage helps cut costs and protects this precious commodity. However, there are varying opinions on how to best achieve water efficiency while protecting the plants during hot climates. How do you build consensus, keep a property aesthetically pleasing for residences, and conserve water?

Silverado Springs-29

Nestled in the beautiful, world-renown Napa Valley, Silverado Springs, a quaint upscale neighborhood was facing this dilemma. The community boosts lush greenbelts, lakes, tennis courts, a swimming pool and spa, and a variety of open spaces. It provides residents high-end, low maintenance living in the heart of wine country. For more than 20 years, Terracare Associates — TCA has grown to be a trusted partner to the community and homeowners association by supplying high-quality recommendations, expertise, and landscape services.

Silverado Springs-34


The Situation

In 2012, before the statewide mandate, Terracare Associates (TCA) was actively consulting with the Siverado on water management enhancement to prepare for higher water prices and expanded water restrictions in the region, the homeowners’ association was eager to become better environmental stewards too. They wanted to overhaul the community’s look from a lush landscape to a more regionally appropriate xeriscaped environment with drought-resistant plants. While the community and homeowners association at large agreed they needed to reduce water usage and cut costs – there were varying opinions on how to best irrigate and achieve water efficiency. They turned to TCA to educate the community while developing a solution and long-term plan to lower water usage and costs. It became a partnership with the goal to dramatically reduce usage while keeping property value and desirability high.


Over several months of TCA employees attending board meetings and forums, TCA was able to hear and address residents’ and the homeowners’ association’s concerns, explain best water conservation practices, and build consensus among residents and the homeowners association on how to best tackle the problem. TCA recommended and completed a project that included:

  • Installing new upgraded Smart Controllers, which adjust to optimal sprinkler run time based on the local weather conditions.
  • Converting large areas of the communities turf to drought resistant plants.
  • Updating more efficient MP nozzles on the turf that remained in the community. Replace all community medians holding turf with mulch and xeriscape.
  • Upgrading all current water nozzles to ensure efficiency.
  • Continuing to educate the community and HOA on other initiatives to further decrease water consumption.

Silverado Springs-18Silverado Springs-26








Making an Impact

The project has been wildly successful and popular with the community. Residents have loved the transformation and new look. The homeowners association has been highly satisfied with the service quality and changes TCA recommended and provided. From 2012 to 2014, the community reduced water usage by 23.5% allowing the 2014 annual water expenses to come in more than $15,000 under budget. This initiative took place prior to California’s restrictions. The community was prepared for mandate and was able to maintain their desired aesthetics.


With ongoing maintenance, continued monitoring, adapting to a new norm of water usage, Silverado Springs has transformed to an eco-friendly and sustainable neighborhood.


Can TCA help your community or city improve your public service, or commercial and landscaping services? TCA would love to help you find out. Why not send TCA a request for proposal?

Communication: The Key to Productive Teams and Quality Service

Terracare Associates Field Supervisor, Rudy Sifuentes, provides quality service to many clients by staying in constant communication with his team and Terracare Associates account managers. By talking with his team and personally walking each property weekly, he’s able to spot and tackle possible problems quickly and thoroughly generating outstanding customer service, timely results, and strong long lasting client relationships.

Take a moment to watch the video to hear what Rudy has to say about communication and how it is a pillar to Terracare Associates client and customer service strategy.