Experience is the Key to Public Private Partnerships

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Experience matters! Especially in the world of public private partnerships (P3’s)

Public Private Partnerships are a way for governments to collaborate with the private sector to share the risks and rewards involved in the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure projects. Since 1998, Terracare Associates has been at the forefront of public private partnerships, public works and city landscape maintenance services in the Western United States. And, the Public Infrastructure management team at Terracare, brings quite an extraordinary resume to every project with over 200 years of combined experience.

Experience is the Key to Public Private Partnerships

The leadership is comprised of seasoned individuals with a breadth and depth of public works experience, and the knowledge and tools to help clients with a wide variety of infrastructure projects. The combined backgrounds include decades working for the Colorado Department of Transportation, city management, and multiple industry certifications.

We are so fortunate to have such an impressive group of people working together, sharing knowledge and resources to best serve our customers,” says Justin Stewart, Vice President of the Public Infrastructure Division at Terracare.

Name Title Years Experience Certifications/Degrees
Thomas DeGaffe Project Manager 16 3
Antonio Deluna Project Manager 18 6
Greg Hayes Colorado Operations Manager 30 5
Tim Gowan ShopManager 16 15
Nick Madrid Asst Project Manager 35 6
Loran Gillen Utah Operations 29 11
Todd Rodriguez Project Manager 22 4
Justin Stewart Vice President 25 5
Bill Winfield Director of Operations 16 4
Jacque Wedding-Scott Strategic Partnerships 25 2
Totals 232 61

Every team member in our division contributes to our success. From our field personnel, and line supervisors to our project managers and our fleet management group, we are better together, sharing and caring about delivering quality performance every day” says Stewart.

Terracare Associates offers a wide variety of public works maintenance services including right-of-way mowing, all-inclusive roadway and roadside management, sign repair/replacement, concrete, traffic control, and snow removal on a citywide scale.

Submitted by Jacque Wedding-Scott, Terracare Associates Manager of Strategic Partnerships 

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