We’re in the winner’s circle!

Terracare Associates captures four prestigious National Awards of Excellence for Landscape Maintenance Services


Our Terracare team is proud to announce we’ve won four 2016 Awards of Excellence by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). This tribute recognizes us for outstanding landscape maintenance services honoring the following properties: Ceronix, Inc. and The City of Carlsbad, in California and The City of Grapevine, and CVS Health Tower, in Texas.  We have built a strong partnership with our clients and are thrilled to share this award with each of them. Our crew teams work diligently each day to bring out the best in every property. We want everyone to enjoy the outdoors!


Here is our nationally recognized work for 2016:

Ceronix, Inc.; Auburn California

We’ve become the partner service provider that can handle Ceronix’s complex landscaping for their corporate headquarters. Our team helps manage the 21-acre property that doubles as a licensed wildlife sanctuary. Our work has included managing and maintaining ongoing maintenance landscaping, enhancement landscape projects, and irrigation systems.


The City of Carlsbad; Carlsbad, California

We’ve built a strong private public partnership with the city to meet the city’s high expectations for landscape maintenance and enhancements for their park system. We manage and maintain almost 940,000 square feet of turf, including 5 synthetic and 10 natural athletic fields, dog parks, basketball courts, recreational picnic areas, play structures, skates parks, a pool complex and a wide array of landscaping.


The City of Grapevine; Grapevine, Texas

This historical tourist destination is home to more than 50,000 residents and welcomes more than 20 million visitors annually. With so many people living and visiting, the City of Grapevine turned to us to help maintain their beautiful landscapes and functioning infrastructure throughout the 24/7/365, especially during harsh weather like floods and droughts.


CVS Health Tower; Irving, Texas

The client’s goal was to make the challenging landscape around the existing building more sustainable, water conscious and employee-friendly to create a campus park-like setting. They looked to us to bring the expertise, knowledge, experience and manpower to help plan, budget and execute this project seamlessly and to continue the maintenance associated with the building and the landscaping.


NALP strives to recognize professionalism and enhance public perceptions of our industry and its professionals through its awards programs. Our Awards of Excellence showcases superior projects in the areas landscape, lawn care, and interior maintenance, design/build as well as installation, container plantings, and erosion control.


3 Essential Ingredients to a Great Business Partnership

What is a partnership? Defined by Wikipedia as: “An arrangement where parties, known as partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.” Partnerships

A partnership could be focused on individuals, as in a marriage, friends, or teammates.  For example, in our family we recently adopted two adorable puppies who work together to solve problems. Sometimes one stays awake while the other is checking out what is happening, our dogs are working together in partnership toward a common goal – FOOD!

Partnerships are also incredibly important in business. In B2B relationships especially, developing a long-lasting relationship with customers, vendors, employees, and your community is so important when striving for a valuable business partnership.

There are 3 essential ingredients to a great business partnership:

1.  Great communication

Success in business is greatly impacted, for better or worse, by the way we communicate. Effective business communication contains terminology, technical information, as well as providing instructions that can be easily understood by your audience and through consistent and timely interaction. Communication should also be crafted together to ensure your business partnership is supported by assuring everyone’s needs are addressed promptly.

2.  Integrity

People often define integrity as doing the right thing even when no one else is around. It is the ability to act with honesty and be consistent in whatever you are doing at all levels of an organization. This is based on the particular belief, value, or moral compass your business has incorporated into your daily work within a B2B environment.

3.   Think long term

A successful partnership should last. Thinking long term about who you are doing business with and why they are important comes down to trust. It is important to build a relationship beyond business tasks. It’s a commitment to one another even during challenging times. Creating a customer experience that allows both parties to succeed is golden and can last for years to come.

Finally, another essential aspect ofbuilding outstanding partnerships is to work within the local communitywhere your business operates. At Terracare Associates, we believe that giving back and volunteering is a great way to connect, make a difference, and build partnerships in our local areas.

Terracare Associates partners in a big way. During the month of April, in conjunction with Earth Day, we encourage our employees to partner and volunteer with local charities, bringing their expertise to the community. These community partnerships benefits from our core business skills.

Here are some of the highlights from our charitable activities and partnerships on Earth Day.

Columbine Memorial, Colorado


The outdoor memorial to commemorate the tragic shooting at Columbine High school was beautifully built in 2007. The foundation did not have continuous funding to maintain the perennials, trees, pavers, mulch, mowing and water feature. Terracare Associates volunteered to maintain the memorial year round.

Each year in April, just before the anniversary of the tragedy, our employees volunteer to clean up the memorial to ensure it is a beautiful peaceful place for remembrance.

Learning Gardens – Liberty High School, Brentwood, California


Terracare Associates has built five Learning Gardens in the San Francisco Bay area to connect children and adults to nutritious foods through hands on experiences with accessible, local, edible gardens.

Bill Horn, Senior Vice President, spearheaded the idea to connect youth to the earth and Terracare Associates has selected school gardens as one of our signature community projects. Most recently we installed a learning garden at Liberty High School in Brentwood California. The Superintendent of Schools (pictured) supports and strongly supports this partnership.

Project Cure Centennial Colorado


Project Cure is a non-profit headquartered in Centennial, Colorado. Their mission is to collect and recycle medical equipment and supplies to be used at hospitals in need around the world. We helped Project Cure with a plant sale fundraiser on Earth Day.

The team designated two locations, one in partnership with Sheraton Hotels on the 16 Street Mall and Project Cure headquarters in Centennial. The sale was a huge success — raising enough to send more than $35,000 worth of life-saving medical supplies.

Experience is the Key to Public Private Partnerships

PI clipped

Experience matters! Especially in the world of public private partnerships (P3’s)

Public Private Partnerships are a way for governments to collaborate with the private sector to share the risks and rewards involved in the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure projects. Since 1998, Terracare Associates has been at the forefront of public private partnerships, public works and city landscape maintenance services in the Western United States. And, the Public Infrastructure management team at Terracare, brings quite an extraordinary resume to every project with over 200 years of combined experience.

Experience is the Key to Public Private Partnerships

The leadership is comprised of seasoned individuals with a breadth and depth of public works experience, and the knowledge and tools to help clients with a wide variety of infrastructure projects. The combined backgrounds include decades working for the Colorado Department of Transportation, city management, and multiple industry certifications.

We are so fortunate to have such an impressive group of people working together, sharing knowledge and resources to best serve our customers,” says Justin Stewart, Vice President of the Public Infrastructure Division at Terracare.

Name Title Years Experience Certifications/Degrees
Thomas DeGaffe Project Manager 16 3
Antonio Deluna Project Manager 18 6
Greg Hayes Colorado Operations Manager 30 5
Tim Gowan ShopManager 16 15
Nick Madrid Asst Project Manager 35 6
Loran Gillen Utah Operations 29 11
Todd Rodriguez Project Manager 22 4
Justin Stewart Vice President 25 5
Bill Winfield Director of Operations 16 4
Jacque Wedding-Scott Strategic Partnerships 25 2
Totals 232 61

Every team member in our division contributes to our success. From our field personnel, and line supervisors to our project managers and our fleet management group, we are better together, sharing and caring about delivering quality performance every day” says Stewart.

Terracare Associates offers a wide variety of public works maintenance services including right-of-way mowing, all-inclusive roadway and roadside management, sign repair/replacement, concrete, traffic control, and snow removal on a citywide scale.

Submitted by Jacque Wedding-Scott, Terracare Associates Manager of Strategic Partnerships